Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunset Television, "Chicken Broth"

Back in 2009, my friend, Graham Mason, asked if I'd help track a fake commercial for the web comedy collective, Sunset Television. Sunset TV had used some AvE music already for some of their pieces - awesome, surreal, hilarious stuff. I worked on takes for a few weeks, basically trying to re-create a Folgers commercial vibe, but with coffee being replaced by chicken broth. I gave them a final version with vocals, but they ended up using a sped-up instrumental sample of it instead. And that's what's on Pitchfork now. Here's the old YouTube clip:

Here's the original final track with vocals that I sent to the Sunset TV folks:
Chicken Broth by fieldsofindustry

And once that version didn't get used, I decided to use it myself for a little remix:
Chicken Broth (remix) by fieldsofindustry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fields of Industry & Hospital Garden tracks on free comp download

Thanks to Ian Howell for putting this together. AvE bands Fields of Industry and Hospital Garden all cozied up on the same free download. It's about time. Tons of other great bands. Listen to / download it here or check out the Obvious Records bandcamp (where there's another free comp available, too).