Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Point of Contention" video!

Today is FoI's big day. Two Dogs, A Television is now available on everyone's favorite digital stores, AND the video for "Point of Contention" is finally available. This was filmed on a frigid February day in Grass Lake, MI at Joshua's house with lots and lots of friends. Graham Mason, Dax de la Monta and Yoni Goldstein all worked very hard on this for a very long time and we're all ecstatic to present it to you today.

Fields of Industry - Point of Contention [HD version] from Arts vs. Entertainment on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fields of Industry - Dogs EP 2005 (re-up)

Fields of Industry self-released the 3-song EP Dogs back in 2005 in a minuscule batch of 50 copies. These songs were the first to include someone other than Joshua Barton in the recording process in any substantial way; that someone was Eric Gallippo.

With Two Dogs, A Television being just over the horizon (or already here if you got it at a show) we decided to make Dogs available again in an unlimited pressing of infinity copies (thank you Internet).

Get it here for free.

Also, check out the video that Graham Mason made for the track "Ramona Bopper"