Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reverend Doomhammer's Crib!!!!

AvE's own Reverend Doomhammer shares the intimate secrets of his abode.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fields of Industry - Trouble House

Trouble House is a rock 'n' roll record. It merges the competing halves of Fields of Industry that have been festering under the surface for a few years now: that of reverberated bliss and rock 'n' roll darkness. Fields goes all out, with a fuller sound, a more fervent dedication to something-or-other, and a recklessness that is at once tears and teeth-gnashing.

Watch for tour dates from Fields, briefly in late July, and then more shows in the fall. Arts vs Entertainment is proud to issue a short run of the disc, available on Fields' site. The album is also available at digital outlets including iTunes, and emusic

Have a listen!
<a href="http://fieldsofindustry.bandcamp.com/album/trouble-house">I've Never Been To New York by Fields of Industry</a>