Friday, October 30, 2009

Save Me From the Gallup Poll – Kawgooshkanick & Brain Eraser

After a long pause, SMFTGP returns with two decidedly different approaches, both documented nearly a year ago.

First up is Kawgooshkanick, an electric swamp of half-rotted, eel-infested compost muck. Lurk in the bogs of a post-civilized river valley, home to mysterious tribes of telepathic warrior kings whose vengeance broods stealth beneath slime-covered waters. Get it here. 

Next comes Brain Eraser, an audio testament to the power-mantra of matter over mind. Like an awful, cheap beer buzz – no high, no motor skills. Just dull thuds followed by high frequency flares, swirling in the cavernous hole that once housed your consciousness. Download this one and move it directly to your PC’s trash bin. Get it here. 

Physical releases planned by year’s end. Pre-order yours tomorrow!