Friday, October 30, 2009

Save Me From the Gallup Poll – Kawgooshkanick & Brain Eraser

After a long pause, SMFTGP returns with two decidedly different approaches, both documented nearly a year ago.

First up is Kawgooshkanick, an electric swamp of half-rotted, eel-infested compost muck. Lurk in the bogs of a post-civilized river valley, home to mysterious tribes of telepathic warrior kings whose vengeance broods stealth beneath slime-covered waters. Get it here. 

Next comes Brain Eraser, an audio testament to the power-mantra of matter over mind. Like an awful, cheap beer buzz – no high, no motor skills. Just dull thuds followed by high frequency flares, swirling in the cavernous hole that once housed your consciousness. Download this one and move it directly to your PC’s trash bin. Get it here. 

Physical releases planned by year’s end. Pre-order yours tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Long Tones - Christ In The New World

Long Tones is the amateur-clarinet and drone project of Joshua Barton that provided the screech and squawk in the soul-grinding Instant Headache collaboration with Save Me From The Gallup Poll. LT's solo short player establishes an entirely different sound of ambient delirium. Christ In The New World is based on a half-realized concept of Jesus Christ visiting the State of Michigan in a mashup of The Grand Inquisitor and Mad Max. But of course you wouldn't know that unless we told you. LT drops two blurry, live-tracked pieces of shifting headspace; the first centered on clarinet and voice, the second consisting of manipulated vinyl.
Download it.
Art by Graham.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Joshua Barton - Thanks, I Missed You, Too

One year ago yesterday, Fields of Industry dropped Two Dogs, A Television and held a release show in Ann Arbor the following evening in conjunction with FoI singer/songwriter Joshua Barton's birthday. Joshua turns another year older today and thanks the world for another successful year of staying alive with a solo record, Thanks, I Missed You, Too. Operating under his own name, Joshua allows himself to endulge in playful combinations of ambient sample assemblage, country gospel, new folk and the buzzy shoegaze sound that FoI has occasionally employed. In other words, Joshua gets to do all the stuff he's done before, but this time he does it all at once. Thanks... is an effort to reach an empathetic hand to Michigan with the hard-times resignation often employed by FoI, but here it's with a strangely up-key touch. Drawing upon recordings from 2005 to 2009, this was edited and compiled in 48 hours under the intense urge to get something done, an urge that Joshua hopes is contagious.
Get it here. Or over at the JB Bandcamp site.

Tracks 8 & 9 excluded from CC License.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Straight outta the 20th century, AvE jumps into the material realm with physical releases to collect dust, scratch and get chewed by yr tape deck.

The first is "Swat Team Extractions (There Goes the Neighborhood)," a brand new set from the AvE Ensemble on the Bare Wire Technologies label, home to such AvE favorites as Confusion Reactor, Flussig and Psyhcoptic Occlusion.
Label description: "Swat Team Extractions puts the fear into everyday living. Hear the police scanners emitting sirens and the 80s horror flick suburban neighborhood sounds scraping through to fill your head with paranoia. Reminds a bit of PKD future world where things seem normal on the thin surface until the weirdness creeps into your central nervous system. But that's just one interpretation of this amazing album of out there sounds. Make your own! Edition of 20."

Second is a cassette release of AvE 018 - Save Me From the Gallup Poll's debut recording. 40+ minutes of wandering electronics previously available only as a digital download. Edition of 10. $6 includes postage in the U.S. Email to order.

More to come, and soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AvE punks Coldplay

As anyone who spent their Sunday evening waiting to find out if the Arts Vs. Entertainment Ensemble won a grammy for Best Album in a Drone/Noise/or Improvisational Motif already knows, we totally tagged Chris Martin's piano right before he hit the stage with Hova. Maybe next year he'll accept our invitation for a collab. What we wouldn't give to remix one of those arpeggiated major chords.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Save Me From the Gallup Poll + Long Tones - Instant Headache

AvE's resident eardrum-destruction rookie and freshman reed shredder/live-action sample scrambler collab for a batch of free trial-size concussions.
Get it here.

Guyz Nyte - Incensed

The Guyz' are paid a visit by the ghost of shamans' past during this sickening spirit dream of atmospheric wonk and loungey noise. Tone generator/feedback wrangler JB was out of action for close to a week after hot-boxing these infernal fumes, and string mangler EG swears he never played half the notes on this record. A spooky mix of lusty aimlessness and wrathful burn fit for adult contemporary radio in the first few circles of hell.
Get it here.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Guyz Nyte - Awesome Blocked

Two dudes take a giant piss into the abyss after a day of missed connections and endless fragmentation. First up, a womb re-entry primer of trancing pulses and embryonic drone with J.B. on guitar and E.G. on EQ knobs. Next, a fake jazz demolition hymn with E.G. on guitar and J.B. spinning skronk into gold. Guyz 1, Universe 0. To be continued …

Get it here.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

AvE New Year's Live Megablitz 2009

Starting the year out right with sets from Save Me From The Gallup Poll and Long Tones.

Save Me From The Gallup Poll (Eric)

Long Tones (Joshua)