Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AvE punks Coldplay

As anyone who spent their Sunday evening waiting to find out if the Arts Vs. Entertainment Ensemble won a grammy for Best Album in a Drone/Noise/or Improvisational Motif already knows, we totally tagged Chris Martin's piano right before he hit the stage with Hova. Maybe next year he'll accept our invitation for a collab. What we wouldn't give to remix one of those arpeggiated major chords.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Save Me From the Gallup Poll + Long Tones - Instant Headache

AvE's resident eardrum-destruction rookie and freshman reed shredder/live-action sample scrambler collab for a batch of free trial-size concussions.
Get it here.

Guyz Nyte - Incensed

The Guyz' are paid a visit by the ghost of shamans' past during this sickening spirit dream of atmospheric wonk and loungey noise. Tone generator/feedback wrangler JB was out of action for close to a week after hot-boxing these infernal fumes, and string mangler EG swears he never played half the notes on this record. A spooky mix of lusty aimlessness and wrathful burn fit for adult contemporary radio in the first few circles of hell.
Get it here.