Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fields of Industry Mittenfest V bootleg

Behold the as of yet sole photodocumentary evidence that Fields of Industry did indeed play at Mittenfest V upon the cusp of 2010/2011. Thanks to Liz Skene. I got the sound dizziness at this one; the first time in many years. That perfect nexus of vibrations that damages your equilibrium just long enough to make you feel funny-not-bad. Try it. Put your head between two bass stacks turned to 10 and have a buddy play immediately adjacent notes in stereo. Thanks to EG's work pal for clutching the fancy new recorder that has yielded this bootleg:


Mittenfest V Day One / Woodruff's / Ypsilanti, MI / 12-28-2010
1. Fiction Writer
2. Dreams
3. So Sad
4. I've Never Been to New York
5. Reverberation (13th Floor Elevators)
6. I'm Not Afraid of a Fight

Less than 24 hours after this set, Eric's daughter was born. Not to mention the baby was present for this, under veil of womb.

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