Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunset Television, "Chicken Broth"

Back in 2009, my friend, Graham Mason, asked if I'd help track a fake commercial for the web comedy collective, Sunset Television. Sunset TV had used some AvE music already for some of their pieces - awesome, surreal, hilarious stuff. I worked on takes for a few weeks, basically trying to re-create a Folgers commercial vibe, but with coffee being replaced by chicken broth. I gave them a final version with vocals, but they ended up using a sped-up instrumental sample of it instead. And that's what's on Pitchfork now. Here's the old YouTube clip:

Here's the original final track with vocals that I sent to the Sunset TV folks:
Chicken Broth by fieldsofindustry

And once that version didn't get used, I decided to use it myself for a little remix:
Chicken Broth (remix) by fieldsofindustry

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